The Googled Life. The future life within the Google

By Dr. A. Ismanjanov


The world IT giant Google developing and expanding the ever greater range of possible services, in order to user would not feel any need in going out of the service. There’s no doubt that Google is playing an important role in lives of every person who anyhow associated with the internet. Google tremendously moves towards the world markets, and almost all of the Google projects currently are multilingual. No matter to its philosophy adding simplicity to everything, Google profoundly developed technological base behind its products. The system allows integrating and sync of all other projects under the one platform that providing an ultimate convenience. Launching by Google of its social network completed its essential element in its super portal mosaic. So it isn’t surprising that among a wide variety of services in global internet environement, users predominantly vote for Google.


Google Apps for Business allows to fully synchronize the work of company within the system as have the most of its elements in place. Herewith it is possible to say that companies are starting to function in the Google as they work, advertised and have revenue totally within the system. Surely private enterprises also benefiting from such an interaction having complete corporate systems integrated with all necessary online services, at no or affordable cost. All of this harmonious process leading to universalization, however, can reduce pluralism among the players in the area. In activity of companies a difference may appear between companies who are in the Google, and who are not, hence different attitude to them and to each-other. The inclusion of everything into Google will render an opportunity for corporate rules to have the same influence on the users as the conventional regulations. Herwewith an internal policy of Google may affect as influentially as clauses of  external regulators, that raising its persistence.


While in the transformation into the world giant, the Google may be tempting to sidestep from its rule of holding lenient philosophy. The Chrome browser, for instance, is already insisting on downloading it, in the case if the user works in a browser other than the Chrome, which sometimes resulting in unavailability of certain features for the users of alternative browsers. On the other hand, we can say that competition inherent to the business environment, where every method is good as soon as it’s not in breach of regulations. Also, there are many followers of the idea that its better be the Google than anyone else, who most likely put the commercial interest upfront.


In a world with Google, however, the question appears as to why to give-up some other alternatives voting exclusively for Google products? Certainly, there are the cases when particularly remarkable projects becoming part of the Google as video streaming service YouYube that bringing usable integration, however this merger can be a cause for alertness. There are lots of outstanding alternative projects, some created under the pure enthusiasm of specialists, like Mozilla. As soon as the most important indicator of the project success is the user support, new projects will keep growing, and nowadays there are still occasions of interesting ones gaining popularity.


Google’s focus on innovations, not only in IT but also in other hi-tech areas, e.g., optical systems or self-driving car, ensuring it's progressed to be long-lasting. For many people today, it is worth to be in the Google as it continues to show itself as extremely reliable and highly functional project. Without prejudice to a greater number of new projects coming-up, and no matter to the user habits, truly outstanding initiatives deserve support no matter to where from they are originating.

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