The End of Domain Names Era Replaced by Apps

By Dr. A. Ismanjanov


Currently we can state that the era of domain names coming to an end, given a way to a more convenient and functional applications. Business environment tries their best to promote applications within their customers in allexisting efforts to bind them and abviously it is showing its results. Users more and more tend to become cutomers. Herewith the state of affairs symbolise on declining the dominance of domain names that getting more and more difficult to remember. Not least it also contributed by the proliferation of domain types led to its dispersion and loosing significance. Decentralisation of ICANN lead to the greater requests for a domain name registrar's that proliferated usable extensions of the domain names.

The domain names primarily serve the role of uniform locators and to some extent the brands identifiers. However  businesses offered to their customers apps that are always with them, which eliminated the need to recourse to their websites. Often application offered extended amount of services offered through apps, which made possible as they allow greater technological elaboration. Companies make use of the apps as a privilege to the closed circle of users who able to use them due to being its customers through use of special credentials. However in realities of extensive competition this is no longer the case, however keep presented as such by corporations online.

What are the implication of that? Cetrainly, users tend to look new products, which means looking-up at the new URLs, however this tend to be so until they find better product or service. Overall users still grossly downloading the app and by this bypassing notable URLs. Generally this tells about rising dominance of established firms against newcomers, as it giving less oppostunity to sturt-ups to present new products to the users. This has always been a case with larger corporations moving cornershop businesses
out, however this was predicated as never happening online. However as we can se it can. Nevertheless, as with traditional corporations, opportunities to reach the global markets are still remain broad via the public online platforms.

The end of domain names era replaced by apps

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